What is NFC payment?

What is NFC payment?

NFC payment means that consumers can use NFC technology (Near Field Communication) to complete payment through handheld devices such as mobile phones when purchasing goods or services. It is an emerging mobile payment method. Payment processing takes place on-site and offline, and does not require the use of a mobile network. Instead, NFC radio frequency channels are used to enable local communication with POS cash registers or vending machines and other devices. NFC short-range wireless communication is the mainstream technology of near-field payment. It is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between electronic devices to exchange data. This technology evolved from RFID and is compatible with RFID technology. It is mainly promoted by Philips, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, China UnionPay, China Mobile, Jiebao Technology, and is mainly used in handheld devices such as mobile phones.

NFC is a mobile payment method that differs from QR code scanning payment in that NFC is a high-frequency wireless communication technology that does not require the use of mobile networks. A mobile phone using NFC technology is equivalent to turning a mobile phone into a payment terminal, which can be directly used for payment.So why is everyone familiar with two-dimensional codes and strange to NFC?

There is a big reason: the two-dimensional code technology is mainly promoted by e-commerce, and NFC technology is good for mobile operators. The QR code technology provides a link between online and offline transactions, connecting the product with the e-commerce payment platform, thereby achieving a strong combination of e-commerce platform + payment platform. And NFC technology is to directly create a payment platform for operators, and realize the transfer of various transaction information on this platform. It seems that users are more accustomed to the operation mode of e-commerce, and there is a market for payment only when there is a demand for transactions.

However, with the gradual improvement of NFC technology, as a breakthrough for mobile operators seeking business development, NFC technology has been determined to become the standard configuration for 4G mobile phones. So, we can have a personal customized "mobile wallet" right away.

The mobile wallet can be used as a bank card for POS card swiping, as well as for bus card recharge, payment, and balance inquiry, and can also be used as a merchant's membership card. All of this is achieved by NFC technology through binding with SIM card, which will not consume mobile phone traffic, and is safe and guaranteed.

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