RFID military material intelligent management system

RFID military material intelligent management system

I. Project Background

Traditional combat readiness management generally relies on a non-automated, paper-based system to record and track incoming and outgoing goods. The internal management of the warehouse is performed manually, so the efficiency of warehouse management is extremely low. In this regard, we use radio frequency technology (RFID) in the intelligent warehouse management system. This system can enhance the accuracy and speed of warehouse operations, reduce the illegal entry and exit, misplacement, Loss from theft and inventory, shipping errors, and minimize storage costs, while reducing paper records and drastically reducing man-hours. Laying the foundation to ensure the security of combat readiness materials.

The effective use of radio frequency technology and network technology provides an effective platform for modern army management and intelligent security management for combat readiness and storage. At the same time, it will better serve the combat readiness warehouse and provide favorable guarantees for the accurate and error-free work of the army's logistics department, equipment department and training department.

Second, system function introduction

1. Real-time monitoring of material storage to ensure the security of combat readiness materials

2. Realizing the warning of illegal readiness of warehouse materials

3. Improve the supervision of combat readiness materials, reduce and eliminate illegal outflow of materials

4. Real-time combat readiness positioning and tracking management

5. High label recognition accuracy, reducing human error input

6. Increase inventory accuracy

7. Effective inventory management and control, fast and efficient material circulation.

8. Effective use of inventory space to reduce operating costs

9. Statistical reports on current and historical affairs for combat readiness supplies provide accurate and useful information for decision makers

10. Record the time taken by the material administrator to complete the work, grasp the efficiency of the material administrator, and enhance the management of the material administrator

11. Data platform informationization will provide more valuable and time-effective analysis data for command and decision of materials.

12. After the completion of the combat readiness management system, it will provide more valuable and time-effective analysis data for command and decision making of combat readiness.

13. Converting a large amount of paper text information required for combat readiness documents to electronic data, simplifying the query process, simply entering the query conditions, you will find the required records, greatly speeding up the query.

14. Improve the speed and accuracy of combat readiness data statistics and reduce the difficulty of collecting statistics staff.

15. Paperless operation reduces paper overhead.

16. Use the handheld terminal management mode to implement portable operations such as quick inventory.

17. The system design is open and extensible, and it can provide multiple third-party interfaces.

Third, the system module is introduced

3.1 System main interface

Data display provides more intuitive, more valuable, and more timely analysis data for command decisions. Multi-dimensional and multi-level chart analysis is carried out from various aspects, such as the inventory of the warehouse materials, the line chart of the materials in the warehouse, and the distribution map of the materials warehouse.

3.2 Organizational Structure

The organizational structure is a structural system formed by all members of the organization in order to achieve organizational goals in the division of labor and cooperation in management work, in terms of scope of duties, responsibilities, and rights. Organizational structure is a dynamic structural system in terms of on-the-job, responsibility, and authority of the organization. Its essence is a division of labor and cooperation system adopted in order to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.

The system has a flexible and fast organizational structure, which is clear and easy to operate.

3.3 Alarm for materials leaving the warehouse without approval

     Goods can be delivered out of the warehouse through the application on the platform in advance, otherwise an illegal outbound alarm will be triggered. Ensuring that materials go out of the warehouse is a legal outbound after examination and approval, ensuring the safety of materials, and reducing and eliminating illegal outflows of materials.

3.4 Out of stock

Adopt radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to manage combat readiness materials to achieve efficient entry and exit registration of combat readiness materials and equipment.

In order to meet the management needs of the two new combat readiness materials warehouses, RFID radio frequency technology is used to strictly control the entry and exit of combat readiness materials, equipped with RFID tags, writing equipment, reading equipment, management systems, etc.

Each item in the warehouse to be controlled is affixed with a unique corresponding RFID tag, and the unique identification code of the RFID tag is associated with the corresponding item in the system by a writing device. Whenever an item enters or leaves the warehouse, the reading device located at the warehouse door or aisle can sense the tag information and record it in the system, so that every controlled device can be traced in and out.

3.5 Material Security Alarm

Safety stock (also known as insurance stock) refers to buffer stocks prepared to prevent uncertain factors (such as emergencies or other uncontrollable factors) from affecting operational needs. Safety stocks are used to meet lead time requirements. It can only be used when the inventory is overused or the supplies arrive late.


3.6 Data analysis

The powerful statistical analysis method analyzes a large amount of collected data, extracts useful information and forms conclusions, and conducts detailed research and summary of the data. In practice, data analysis can help people make judgements to take appropriate action.

Can generate single-piece or all combat readiness warehousing statistics, utilization frequency, safety stock and other reports.

Fourth, system advantages

The intelligent management system for combat readiness materials uses RFID electronic tags to realize automated inventory, pick-up, and quick inventory and material monitoring operations in the warehouse. Through scientific coding, you can also conveniently manage the batches and origins of items. Utilizing the system's location management function, it is also possible to keep abreast of the current location of all inventory-ready materials, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of the materials and improving the efficiency of warehouse management.

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