RFID power asset management system

RFID power asset management system

Advantages of RFID power asset management system

◆ Real-time accuracy and security: The use of active RFID outdoors guarantees quasi-real-time acquisition of asset information, and ensures the safety of operators through long-range reading.

◆ High cost performance: The combination of low cost indoor passive RFID application and active RFID reduces the user's investment under the premise of ensuring the system is available, thus achieving a higher cost performance.

◆ Life cycle management support: RFID can support writing data, such as the status of the asset, and can check, mark at the same time of inventory, and ensure that the entire life cycle of assets can be managed with the support of the software system.

◆ High efficiency: After the application of RFID technology, the inventory efficiency can be greatly improved because multiple tags can be read at one time.

◆ Highly integrated and flexible equipment: The use of highly integrated handheld devices can support active and passive tags at the same time, and can use bar code reading as a supplement to the system, enabling customers to have more flexible applications.

◆ High accuracy: After the installation of all RFID tags, we have conducted inventory and reading effect tests, and the accuracy rate is 100%. The inventory time is about 2 hours.

◆ Anti-interference long-distance reading: High anti-interference of RFID tags. In the case of electromagnetic interference, the effective stable reading distance of outdoor active tags is 12 meters (the safe distance is 5 meters under the 500,000 volt main transformer equipment), and the maximum reading distance is 25 meters, which can meet the asset inventory and production safety Distance requirements.

RFID power material inventory system flow

◆ When the system is operating, it is necessary to import the consolidated asset ledger data into the system.

◆ Perform card issuance procedures through PC, including card issuance, printing identification labels and keeping records.

◆ PC client generates basic account data and inventory list.

◆ Download the ledger information and inventory list to the RF terminal through the synchronization program.

◆ Perform card-sticking operation (manual operation), and check by RFID handheld PDA.

◆ Inventory can be performed after the card is pasted.

◆ After the inventory is completed, it can be downloaded to the PC through the synchronization program.

◆ PC program can generate and export inventory results.

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