What is 13.56MHz frequency?

What is 13.56MHz frequency?

13.56MHz is very common, and the electromagnetic wave frequency is 13.56MHz. For example, our plasma generating device is used in the 13.56MHz RF coil. The same is true in the field of communication. It is the frequency of electromagnetic waves, which is the conversion frequency of the induced electric and magnetic fields.

13.56MHz belongs to the RF frequency range, and the RF frequency range is from 300kHz to 300GHz.

Radio frequency refers to the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space, and the frequency range is from 300kHz to 300GHz. Alternating current that changes less than 1,000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and high-frequency current is greater than 10,000 times, and radio frequency is such a high-frequency current.

Radio frequency (300K-300G) is the higher frequency band of high frequency (greater than 10K), and microwave frequency band (300M-300G) is the higher frequency band of radio frequency. When the frequency of electromagnetic waves is lower than 100kHz, the electromagnetic waves will be absorbed by the ground surface, which will not form an effective transmission. .

The main impact of RF technology:

1. The radio frequency wave penetrates the barrier of the melanocytes of the epidermal base, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 55 ° C-65 ° C, the collagen fibers shrink, and the loose skin wrinkles are tightened, thereby achieving the purpose of beauty and wrinkle removal.

2. There is no battery in the passive electronic tag. After receiving the microwave signal from the reader (reading device), it converts part of the microwave energy into DC power for its own work, which can be maintenance-free.

3. The third structure applied in radio frequency communication. Because the direct conversion structure directly mixes the baseband signal and the radio frequency signal in the same process, this makes the signal chain of this structure the simplest, and it requires the fewest components.

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