RFID truck frame management system

RFID truck frame management system

RFID truck frame management system is a truck frame management and control system based on RFID technology. On the premise of fully considering the successful application of RFID technology in other industries, combined with the own needs of Chinese and foreign transportation truck frame management, it will be automated. , Advanced, stability, scalability as the principles of application, with core business requirements as the center, to achieve automatic identification and tracking monitoring of truck frames. The core of the RFID truck frame management system is to install an RFID reader and RFID antenna on the front of the truck, install an RFID electronic tag on the truck's frame, and automatically identify the RFID electronic tag through the RFID reader to achieve the truck. Management and monitoring of the frame. An RFID electronic tag is installed near the front of the frame, and according to the structural features and characteristics of the frame of different trucks, a suitable installation position is selected. At the same time, because the truck frame is a metal material, a metal-resistant RFID electronic tag is required. In order to ensure that the electronic label can achieve the expected effect in the use and transportation of the truck frame, it is necessary to make full use of its own structural features and characteristics to achieve the purpose of protecting the RFID electronic label. For the truck frame that does not protect the position of the RFID electronic tag, on the basis of ensuring that the reading performance is intact, a metal baffle or a buffer rubber is installed to form a protective effect on the RFID electronic tag.

The RFID electronic tag itself has 3M double-sided adhesive, and can choose imported double-sided adhesive with high metal adhesion and high temperature resistance according to the material and environment of the attached surface. This imported double-sided adhesive can be directly attached to the truck. It's easy to use, fast and reliable. The RFID antenna is installed near the truck frame because the RFID antenna itself is larger than the RFID tag. It is difficult to find a suitable and protective location on the vehicle head for installation, and because the vehicle is used in the ordinary course of use However, it is unavoidable that the collision event will occur, which may easily cause damage to the RFID antenna installed on the vehicle head. In order to reduce the occurrence of such accidental damage as much as possible, the RFID truck frame management system uses an RFID antenna constructed with a thick metal alloy on the back of the frame, which greatly improves the tolerance and has a strong industrial environment adaptability. The RFID reader is the core object of the RFID truck frame management system. The application on the truck frame must meet the vehicle-level application specifications, including dustproof and waterproof adaptability, and can quickly adapt to voltage and current fluctuations. The appearance must be sturdy and durable, resistant to corrosion, and adapted to outdoor and high temperature requirements.

The RFID reader can also be installed in the cab, and connected to the RFID antenna through a radio frequency cable, and it can obtain the RFID electronic tag information, thereby realizing the supervision of the truck frame. Before using the RFID truck frame management system, it is necessary to first initialize the RFID electronic label information, and according to the rules or specifications of the frame management, write the unique identification code of the truck frame into the RFID electronic label, and then RFID The electronic tag is installed on the corresponding truck frame to complete the establishment of the initial data information. In the RFID truck frame management system, the RFID reader is connected to the vehicle terminal through a serial port, and the information data read by the RFID reader is uploaded to the vehicle terminal in real time. After the truck vehicle is started, the RFID reader starts to work; when the truck frame with the RFID electronic tag is connected to the front, the RFID electronic tag enters the automatic identification range of the RFID reader, and the RFID reader will The read information and data are fed back to the vehicle-mounted terminal. After processing, the vehicle-mounted terminal sends the data to the back-end database, and finally completes the "loading task" of the truck frame.

After the truck frame completes the "on-board task", the RFID reader can feed back the read RFID electronic tag information to the vehicle terminal at intervals every time according to the requirements of the RFID truck frame management system, and update the work of the truck frame in real time. status. After the truck frame is completed, it will be detached. The RFID tag on the truck frame will leave the reading range of the RFID reader. At this time, the RFID reader cannot detect the existence of the RFID tag, and the vehicle terminal receives it. The RFID electronic tag information returned by the RFID reader cannot be judged, so it is determined that the truck frame has completed the "get off" operation. An entire working cycle of the truck frame ends, and the RFID truck frame management system updates and saves these data information in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring of the truck frame. The RFID reader also needs to have a relatively wide power adjustment range. By adjusting the power of the RFID reader, it can ensure that other truck frames cannot be read by mistake without affecting the reading performance of the RFID reader. RFID electronic tags.

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