Smart parking solution based on RFID

Smart parking solution based on RFID

I. Application background

There are many units (government agencies, military management areas, institutions, business units, high-end communities, etc.) that require very simple but strict management of vehicle entry and exit, that is, vehicles belonging to their organization can enter and other foreign vehicles are prohibited from entering , Or to go through certain registration formalities at the entrance to enter.

With the development of the modernization of Chinese cities, the number of cars has increased dramatically. Whether the parking lot system can provide efficient and high-quality services has been the main link of Ruifengde's static management, and an advanced parking lot management system will bring parking lot services A revolutionary leap. The parking lot intelligent management system is a collective name for modern parking lot vehicle charging and equipment automation management, and it is a high-tech mechatronics system project that puts the parking lot completely under computer management.

System Introduction

RFID vehicle intelligent identification management system consists of vehicle electronic tags, driver cards, long-range readers, antennas, access controllers, signal lights (red, green), automatic barriers, ground sense coils, access control computers, and background management software.

Smart parking solution based on RFID

Third, the system benefits

(1) Effectively reduce the cost of property management, reduce manpower investment, and improve the level and efficiency of management.

(2) The entire system has the characteristics of long-distance rapid identification, intelligent control, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation, and easy expansion.

(3) Establish safe and reliable registered vehicle files, and strengthen vehicle surveillance and anti-theft functions through high-tech.

(4) Provide an advanced, reliable, and applicable digital platform for automatic identification and intelligent management of incoming and outgoing vehicles, so as to improve the real-time and dynamic management capabilities of internal vehicles, and improve the use efficiency of parking lots.

(5) It can effectively, accurately and intelligently identify, collect, record, and track the data information of vehicles entering and leaving vehicles (vehicles equipped with vehicle electronic number plates) to ensure the safety management of vehicles entering and leaving.

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