What is TID of UHF Chip?

What is TID of UHF chip?

◢First, the coding of RFID electronic tags follows certain rules.

Currently RFID electronic tags follow EPC coding rules.

The full name of EPC is Electronic Product Code, and Chinese is called Product Electronic Code. The carrier of the EPC is an RFID electronic tag, and the information is transmitted through the Internet. EPC aims to establish a global, open identification standard for each single product, and to track and trace single products globally, thereby effectively improving the level of supply chain management and reducing logistics costs. EPC is a complete, complex and integrated system.

The product electronic code (EPC code) is a new generation product coding system launched by the International Barcode Organization. The original product bar code was only a code for product classification. The EPC code is a globally unique code for each single product. The EPC code is a 96-bit (binary) coding system. The 96-digit EPC code can be assigned to 268 million companies, each company can have 16 million product categories, and each category has 68 billion independent product codes. It can be said that each rice on the earth can be assigned a unique one. Encoding.

◆At present, The popular chip company  in markeing are Alien,NXP,Impinj. 

Like Alien company,the hot chip is Alien H3/H4/H5, the mode of differnt chip also have differnet TID length. The TID of Alien H3  is 32bits, H4&H5 is 48bits.  Like NXP company,the hot chip is Ucode7, The TID of Ucode7  is 48bits. Like Impinj company,the hot chip is M4QT, The TID of Ucode7  is 48bits

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