RFID Edible Oil Solution

RFID Edible Oil Solution

The rapid development of the market economy has promoted the diversification and richness of market products and fully satisfied the needs of consumers. But at the same time, the phenomenon of counterfeit products, counterfeit products and cross-border products also appeared in large numbers, which seriously affected the interests of consumers and merchants. It is mainly manifested in alcohol, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Once counterfeiting and substandard products occur, it will cause inestimable losses to society and individuals. The production, circulation, and use of these products require safe and effective counterfeit protection measures.

Second, RFID characteristics

RFID (RadioFrequency Identification) is an emerging technology. It consists of a read-write device and an electronic tag. The read-write device and the electronic tag automatically identify the target object through radio frequency signals and obtain related data.

RFID identification technology Radio frequency technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which has the following advantages:

●Recognition process without manual contact, without visible optical;

Identify quickly and accurately;

Having anti-collision mechanism, which can identify a plurality of tags;

The physical properties of a good waterproof, anti-magnetic, temperature, long service life;

Data may be encrypted, stored information can be changed;

Global unique identification code, difficult to imitate.


 A basic RFID system includes the following three parts:

▲Tag: attached or adhered to the object, the relevant information is recorded.

▲Reading and writing device and an antenna: complete data exchange and energy transfer between the labels and the device.

▲The controller and data system: complete control, data exchange and network connection.

       It is foolproof to use RFID chips that can never be forged. Because every RFID chip has a unique read-only identification ID number in the world. This anti-counterfeiting technology has been widely used in the field of government ID cards. RFID technology is applied to the container with a cap, and other edible oil, the product to achieve security and supply chain management through the bottle design and back-end authentication system. The system consists of a specially designed bottle cap and bottle body (RFID security label), RFID readers and plant security data centers.

Its characteristics are:

Cap sealing the electronic tag attached, at the factory, the factory will be the date of production, identification code and password data written to the tag, can automatically change the password.

Autocratic by wholesalers and retailers hold manufacturers of electronic tag reader when the user purchases of edible oil, its authenticity can be verified, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

When you open the bottle, the bottle is about to tag at the damage, and prevent reuse.

Supply chain management is through various security labels to track merchandise sales channels, and to achieve cargo tracking remote database records via the Internet, online statistics, online query functions, in order to fully realize the logistics management of systematic, network modernization, to help businesses improve the traditional business model.

RFID device management software

Third, the system summarizes

■Adopt a hierarchical key system to achieve management of a multi-level distribution system.

Network database together with the mobile terminal, the system can be used anywhere.

One-time self-destructing RFID tags can prevent illegal elements from recycling the tags.

Combined with electronic warranty cards to completely eliminate counterfeits.

All data is kept in 3M data server with high security.

2. System Flow

       Including the issue of system processes, security identification, supply chain management of three parts commodities.

3. Release of goods

       The finished product should be sent to the distribution center for the final packaging of goods and to order for cargo distribution, distribution center will eventually be distributed to the hands of customers through product sales area. At each point of sale, it is equipped with a security inspection equipment. Customers buy goods, only need to use this equipment against the bottle gently swept away, you can know commodity production date, origin and other personal security information. Security labels security information by electronic reading product inspection equipment, and packaging to see whether the information fit to judge the authenticity of goods.

4. Supply Chain Management

       Point of sale or dealer security inspection equipment and computer security can manufacturing plant and data center via an Internet connection, the establishment of RFID-based logistics and supply chain management systems. Through product sales information collection, feedback, realized the vendor partition, classification management, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the market. Can effectively control the area down goods, while the follow-up evaluation vendors will help enterprises select the right sales partners, to promote sales.

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