Security system for Museum

  Security system for Museum

Integration project of RFID identification technology and barcode identification technology and management software. The RFD middle layer bridges the data collection of the production site and the ERP system.

The mobile security anti-theft system of the museum's temporary exhibition relics directly monitors and manages the cultural relics itself. It can set the monitoring status of arming and disarming through the identity card and the control terminal, and easily realize the instant conversion between normal access to cultural relics and height monitoring. In the fortified state, the system activates the on-site audible and visual alarms in real time by sensing changes in attitude, status, and relative position of cultural relics, and sends alarm text messages to preset mobile phones, and simultaneously starts video recording on-site conditions. The monitoring center can View in real time.

●Unique advantages of the system

1. Active monitoring: Real-time perception of the posture, position, and movement status of the cultural relics directly to achieve a full range of active monitoring.

2. Timely monitoring: When the cultural relics are picked up or moved illegally, the financial security system will call the police as soon as possible to notify the relevant personnel.

3. Convenient arming and disarming: As long as you use the ID card to swipe the control terminal, you can quickly arm or disarm, complete the instant conversion between instant access and strict fortification, and the operation is convenient.

4. Easy installation and disassembly: Each anti-theft system is assembled by a moving box, which makes it easy to carry it to temporary exhibition places everywhere. It is quickly taken out of the box for assembly during the exhibition, and quickly packed and moved after the exhibition.

●The part of RFID System

The system is composed of cultural relics card, signal transceiver, locator, monitoring host, sound and light alarm, video recording system and other equipment.

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