What is NFC function and application?

What is NFC function and application?

1.NFC is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that enables non-contact point-to-point data transmission between operating electronic devices. In a smart terminal, it is also possible to enable fast and secure information exchange between devices through simple touch.

2.NFC is near field communication technology. After Android 4.0, the application of "Android Beam" was added to the mobile phone, allowing two NFC-enabled devices to transfer browser web pages, contacts, applications, etc. to each other.

3. NFC can be used for reading and writing data, realizing convenient and secure payment, and can also perform instant transmission, and share your pictures, applications, etc. with friends. NFC has three main operating modes: card simulation mode, read-write mode, and point-to-point mode.

NFC Application 

In addition to the traffic card introduced above, there are actually many application scenarios of NFC. Its applications are basically related to its type.

It can be used as an access control, instead of the hardware access control of the community, and using the mobile phone as a "reader" to pass easily;

It can be used as a data collection tool, such as reading URLs on paper posters;

It can perform mobile payments and simple financial transactions;

It can transfer data and synchronize the address book, so we don't need Bluetooth connection when transferring files.

In short, there are many application scenarios of NFC functions: subways, buses, community gates, shopping malls, companies, etc. In today's increasingly sophisticated technology, mobile NFC functions have facilitated our lives.

What sort of phone have NFC technology?

Of course, not all smart phones have NFC function. Generally, smart phones above 800 yuan have this function. Whether the phone has NFC function is also related to the positioning of the phone itself. When you buy a mobile phone, you need to check whether the phone has this function, after all, this function can provide great convenience to our lives!  

Of course, the hot sell is phone, like Huawei mate 30, It has not only 5G network,but also has a strong NFC functionn. Usually the typical NFC application need some device to support.  In some projects are related to RFID reader writer, and even some Passive Tag.  Some data are wrote  and stored in chip, the common mircochip in market have to meet two demands, one is protocol what must be ISO 14443A/B,  the other is frequency which should be 13.56MHz.  The wrieless contact reading distance is between 1mm and 300 mm, it depend on how big your antenna is. 

There are two types of NFC transponder. One is  fixed on metal and we call it as metal tag and the other is not.

The reading distance will be influenced  a lot  if we use non-metal tags on metal application application, because the energy from the NFC reading device is absorbed by the metal material, and the NFC chip does not have enough energy to activate the chip, which causes it to not work. Therefore, if the metal surface needs to be added with an absorbing material, the absorbed energy is transferred to the antenna to activate the chip work.

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