What are the applications of RFID in the retail industry?

What are the applications of RFID in the retail industry?

RFID's unique identification method and technical characteristics can bring huge benefits to retailers, suppliers and customers; it enables the supply chain system to more easily and automatically track the dynamics of goods in an effective way, enabling items to be realized Really automated management. In addition, RFID also provides advanced and convenient data collection methods for the retail industry, convenient customer transactions, efficient operation methods, fast and insightful decision-making methods, and other benefits that barcode technology cannot replace.

In recent years, RFID technology has attracted the attention of all walks of life as a focus. For example, manufacturing, transportation, medical, food and other industries have been applied to varying degrees. Then, how is its application in the retail industry? How about?

RFID applications in the retail industry are mainly concentrated in five aspects: supply chain management, inventory management, in-store product management, customer relationship management, and security management.

1) Supply chain management used RFID earlier in the retail industry and is also an area where RFID is currently used a lot.

2) In-store merchandise management At present, most department stores and supermarkets focus on some easily stolen or valuable products.

3) The main content of RFID application in inventory management includes the use of fixed or mobile readers to scan the goods in and out of the warehouse and the warehouse shelves to improve the efficiency of goods in and out, picking, and inventory; to increase the inventory Visibility and timely supply; linked with the automatic replenishment system in the store to timely replenish and optimize the inventory.

4) RFID applications in customer management are mainly concentrated on two aspects: self-checkout and improving customer's in-store shopping experience.

5) The application of RFID in security management is mainly focused on anti-theft of goods, followed by the use of RFID identification codes to replace the original password to control the right to use IT equipment or the access rights of some important departments.

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