Hand Sanitizer dispenser refillable bracelet

  • Product Model: Hand Sanitizer dispenser refillable bracelet
  • Dimension: 255*24mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Unit weight: 28g
  • Colors: Pantone

  • Parameters
  • Product Model: Hand Sanitizer dispenser refillable bracelet
  • Dimension: 255*24mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Unit weight: 28g
  • Colors: Pantone

The introduction of refillable hand sanitizer wristband

This wristband around your wrist or clip it to your bag to dispense hand sanitizer. Extremely convenient, easy to use, and versatile to keep you safe at all times. you need it; A mini hand sanitizer bottle when you have to go.

The key parameter  of refillable hand sanitizer wristband

Material: Silicone

Flexible, durable waterproof and smooth to the touch, sunscreen, no decolorization, no deformation,

Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap, warm water, and refill

Adults/ Kids Unisex - One Size Fits All (The band strap length is adjustable )

Ages 7 & Up - Use With Adult Supervision

Holds up to 10mL of liquid

The 8mm refill opening is wide enough to accommodate most product spouts

It is washable, wearable, and lose liquids and liquid gels.

Holds up to 10mL of liquids and is easy to refill.

Fill with your liquid of choice and press on the wristband's logo to dispense at your leisure.

This Wristband is ideal for those who travel, service industries, and just about anyone else.

Makes the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.

Other parameter of refillable hand sanitizer bracelet.

Sanitizer is not included

Small refillable bottle included to insert sanitizer into wristband

Color: Colors are assorted between Red, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink

Just fill the empty wristband with hand sanitizer. This works with all forms of liquid and gel hand sanitizer. 

The wristband will ensure that it will never dispense unless you need it.

This hand sanitizer bracelet can be refilled repeatedly with any hand sanitizer.

Adjustable strap makes this ideal for boys, girls, men, and women. Useable at anytime and anywhere.

Hand Sanitizer dispenser refillable bracelet
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